Arguments Against Animal Abuse In Factory Farming

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Ninety-four percent of Americans say that animals raised for food deserve to live a life without abuse and brutality. A factory farm is a large manufacturing operation that raises animals for food. These operations focus on profit and efficiency without considering animal welfare. Farm animals across the country suffer from abuse and conditions that are despicable and inhumane. Although factory farms may be economically efficient to provide eggs, milk, and meat, they significantly impair the animals well being (Matheny, and Leahy). Abuse in factory farming is affecting the animal’s welfare, therefore, should be illegal. Notably, philosophies and scientists believe that all life is interconnected. Harming one division of life affects others (Farm Forward: Against Animal Abuse in Factory Farming). This evidence fully explains how animals and human welfare are mutually correlated. Animals in factory farms are not only being raised for slaughter but are also being tortured against their will (Parallelism). Physical operations such as teeth clipping, tail docking, and neutering are all being done without anesthetic. Bone …show more content…
Animals need our admiration and compassion. The inhumane nature the animals are suffering from needs to come to a halt. Animal abuse in factory farming deserves to be an illegal act due to the horrific practices workers are causing. Not only is this affecting animals, but it is attacking human health. The lack of decency of the workers is the reason why animals are undergoing pain. As a society, we can make changes by making campaigns and fundraisers. Instead of killing or ignoring the sick and injured animals, they should be sent to a rehabilitation center. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” This said, animal abuse in factory farming is a detrimental issue and should be

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