Angels : Angels And Demons Essay

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Angels and demons are often discussed in the Bible this is a constant battle between good and evil. Sometimes we refer to humans as being angels and demons because of their character. Angels and demons existed long before humans and existed and long before the creation of earth. As stated in Job 38:4-7 (NIV) “all the sons of God began shouting in applause”. This bible verse tells us that angels have feelings and a voice for it states that they “wept out together” also at this time they worship and was united as one as they served the Lord Jesus Christ for the passage states “all the sons of God”. God likes for us to come together as one and praise his name Jehovah. When we come together in unity to worship demons do not stand a chance to survive. Angels are not visible to people on earth, however they still protect us, especially from the demons that’s on earth. One of Gods best angels turned out to be a demon whom the bible speaks of, he goes by the name Lucifer. Lucifer was created by God many years ago as the perfect high status angel, he began to be astounded with conceit and greediness and began a huge rebellion against God. The devil was then thrown out of heaven as stated in Luke 10:18 (NIV) “and he said to them, I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven”.
Theological Definition By definition angel means messenger, the bible states that angels carry out commands from God. There is also another kind of angels also which is referred to as…

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