Angel on My Shoulder Essay examples

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Faith Hernandez
Hetal Thaker
English 051
February 2, 2015

The Angel on My Shoulder

My grandmother was a truly amazing person. She was compassionate, a great cook and the most loving person I know, and without any ego at all. In other words, exactly like me! Seriously, though, we have a lot in common. Among other things, I inherited her ugly feet, her love of lilies and her obsession with books. She preferred mystery novels and gospel music. While I shared her love of mystery novels I wasn’t fond of the gospel music. I remember having a sleepover at her house, which happened often when I was young, and waking up to the smell of pancakes and bacon. I looked forward to breakfast with my Gram, we would sit at the table, eat and
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Those “weird feelings” continued up until the day she passed away. I look back now and I am grateful that I had those “weird feelings” it actually saved her life a couple times. When I think of her now, I think of her warm embrace. On my bad days, she would hold and comfort me. Gram would wrap me in her arms and protect me from the rest of the world, and make me feel that everything was going to be all right. Even in her hospital bed, holding her hand and listening to her soft breath, I wanted to be hugged by those safe, strong arms. But I just held her hands and whispered, "I love you, Gram... I love you." It's difficult, even after 13 years, to imagine life without her, the foundation that gave us all life. Knowing that my own children will never know her, never be able to feel that embrace. It makes me sad. Her body may be gone, but her life and memory live on in us, her children and grandchildren and her great-grandchildren. And long after I've passed on, all those memories and qualities that made her my Gram will pass on in my

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