Andrew Beckett : An Self Confident Intelligent Law Graduate From The University Penn

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Andrew Beckett is a creative, self-assured intelligent law graduate from the university Penn. He is on his way to senior partnership at his huge law firm. But he 's hiding a private secret from his high esteemed employers, he 's been diagnosed with AIDS. When he gets terminated while being infected with AIDS he decides to file a lawsuit at his company. He is shown as kindhearted and cares deeply for his very lovely family who are very supportive during the entire length of the case.
He plans to sue the law firm from which he was fired, and now seeks a lawyer in which ends up with Joe Miller, played by Denzel Washington. Andrew Beckett is displayed as being as emotionally sound as an individual keeping a deeply personal secret can be. Especially when he becomes involved in a heated trial in which traditional values with regard to sexual preference can be overly complicated as seen in this time period. As the movie begins, Andrew is shown as being a fully acquainted member of the organization, vested with responsibility for extremely important tricky assignments. He is also shown as a well versed individual in a loving healthy relationship with his partner. Joe Miller is a complicated character because in taking on Andrew 's case, he has to confront his own fears and demons about aids and homosexuality he was brought up about. At first he refuses to help him in suing Wyant Wheeler. Mostly because of his bias ' against homosexual people in general. He 'd rather sue the city…

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