Ancient Egypt And Western Civilization

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From the pyramids and scorching deserts of ancient Egypt, to the Parthenon of ancient Greece, and to the Colosseum of ancient Rome, these cultures laid the foundation of what western civilization and thought would become today. To this day, there are multiple religions, multiple political systems, different government systems, and traditional ways of living that all had to originate from somewhere. Since researching and exploring more about these ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, and Egypt, it was a colossal stepping stone to my understanding of where Western thoughts have originated and transformed from. The intellectual abilities of the ancient Egyptian with architecture and literature, the democratic system of the Greek, and the republic …show more content…
The ancient Egyptians contained a strong central government which praised a single ruler known as the pharaoh. This would be conceived as a Bureaucracy in the Old Kingdom since the pharaoh was head of state , and the vizier was head of Bureaucracy. However,as time passed the ancient Egyptians would be known as a theocracy since the pharaoh was recognized as a god and supreme civil ruler who made all of the crucial decisions. The Romans on the other hand practiced a governmental system known as a Republic. In contrast to the ancient Egyptians where only the pharaoh had power, the people and elected representatives held power with a elected president. Although the Egyptians and Romans practiced Bureaucracy and Republic system, the ancient Greeks would be the stepping stone for Democracy in Western thought. The earliest signs of Democracy took place in Athens, Greece during 510 BC. Although Women still had no political power or rights, this city-state allowed all men of any class to have the ability to vote. In addition, there was no king or ruler, and anyone had the ability to propose a law. Once the democracy of Athens displayed growth and success, the other city-states of ancient greece began implementing Democracy, and then soon across the Mediterranean Sea. Although the ancient Romans would conquer wiping out many places practicing democracy, Athens still continued their practice of freedom. From the early foundation of Democracy, the Italians in the middle ages would then adopt Democracy into their land, which would again be conquered by the Roman empire again. However, the Revolutionary War of America and the french Revolution would once again make Democracy a place where all free man had rights. Transformations from the beginnings of Democracy would later

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