Greek And Etruscan Influence On Roman Society

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Melanie Shane
Professor O’Connor
September 21, 2017
Unit One Test
1. Discuss how Rome’s geography and its physical location in Italy and in the Mediterranean world was conducive to power and growth.
Italy is around 100,000 square miles that extends from the Northern European coast of the Mediterranean Sea, to the south valley of Po. Rome is surrounded by groups of hills that have a view overlooking the Tiber River. The hills and valleys that overlook the Tiber river, were previously populated, before Rome became an actual city. There is evidence that shows that these hills and valleys were populated with people because of all the hut that were left behind. Rome is currently the capital of Italy and a very popular city, but there
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Discuss the impact of Greek and Etruscan influence on early Roman society.
The Greek and Etruscan had many different influences on Roman society. Although the Greeks influenced the Etruscans they both promoted different aspects to roman society. The Etruscans ruled much of North Italy, while the Greeks established town in South Italy. With the knowledge and information that the Greeks and Etruscans provided to the Romans really influenced the Roman society and what Italy is today.
The Etruscans were commonly known as rivals and enemies, but did provide a lot to the Roman society. The Etruscan promoted better agriculture for the cities around Rome, and in Rome itself. Etruscans had an influence on engineering, the romans learned a lot about building from the Etruscans.
The Greeks also had a lot to offer to the Romans, such as Greek architecture. With the knowledge that the Greeks had to offer about architecture the Romans were able to come up with ideas such as the concrete Colosseum. Without the knowledge from both the Etruscans and the Greeks, the romans would have not been able to come up with such great ideas for their constructions. The Greeks also offered their knowledge on the Greek alphabet to the Romans, and their language, this is typically how the Romans learned to write, and speak. The Greek language will always be an important aspect

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