Anatomy, Physiology, And Physiology Essay

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“Well I guess you are never going to become a doctor” was a common phrase I heard while I was growing up. Throughout my childhood, I experienced many episodes of vasovagal syncope from seeing or even just talking about blood. However, becoming a doctor has been a dream of mine since I was in kindergarten and did not let this minor setback inhibit me from pursing my dreams. Rather, I decided to take Anatomy and Physiology in high school, where I was able to dissect a sheep heart and brain without having a syncopal episode. In this class, I realized just how fascinating the human body truly is and became determined to follow my dream of practicing medicine. After taking this class I decided to learn more about vasovagal syncope and the physiology behind it, as well as research different ways to prevent syncopal episodes. Ultimately, I decided to try a method similar to cognitive behavior therapy by immersing myself in the field of medicine by volunteering and working in various medical settings all while learning as much as possible.
Working as a scribe in the San Bernardino Emergency Room has provided me with many different types of medical experiences, from seeing gunshot wounds and various lacerations to strokes and ST elevated myocardial infarctions to hypoglycemia and hyperkalemia. Observing the treatment process from triage to disposition has been an exciting experience, in which every patient encounter has only taught me more about the field of medicine and spiked my…

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