Pursuing A Career In Medicine

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I always had an innate desire to become a health professional. When I decided to move to India to pursue a career in medicine, I knew this would involve perseverance and exceptional hard work. However, after remembering a proverb by one of my high school teachers, “sacrifice short-term pleasures for long-term goals,” I eagerly accepted this challenge and willingly devoted my time and efforts to study medicine in a foreign country. Studying medicine in India was not only an everlasting and memorable experience, it also provided me with a unique outlook to both the macroscopic and microscopic health issues in the community. During my medical training, the emphasis on preventive medicine took precedence. When looking around and observing the number …show more content…
A career in public health will not only allow me to express my opinion about the issues I strongly believe in, such as vaccinations, it will also provide me with insight into the various health issues that are often neglected. Moreover, when studying in India, I was highly enthusiastic to make a difference within my community. After evaluating the many issues that were common problem, I decided to establish a multispecialty medical clinic, called The Doctor’s Office. The clinic was established to overcome differences among different socioeconomic classes to make it affordable to obtain specialized medical consultations. The clinic consisted of specialists in the areas of orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and general surgery who provided patient care on a weekly basis. With support from the pharmaceutical companies, I was able to provide services, such as, bone mass density scan, screening for hypertension, and well-woman examination at no cost. Patients were also educated about their diseases and received pertinent counseling and …show more content…
I will be able to refine my skills through the specified areas of Health Management and Policy, Professionalism, and Leadership. Moreover, as a Canadian, and coming from a country known for its universal healthcare coverage, I was always keen about learning more about the multi-payer U.S. healthcare system. Through completing the core MPH classes during my Graduate Certificate in Public Health program at UNT, Health Management and Policy (HMAP) 5300 enhanced my competency about the various U.S. healthcare programs, such as, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act. Therefore, through taking further HMAP classes during my MPH, not only will it help me provide patient-centered care as a clinician, I will also be able to identify any gaps within the healthcare system, and hence, improve the health status of my community.
Professionalism is an integral component to the healthcare field. Professional conduct as a medical doctor is crucial; it is the cornerstone in establishing a solid doctor-patient relationship. My medical training has helped me develop professionalism in the areas of altruism, accountability, excellence, and integrity. However, through pursuing the MPH Professional Option program, I aspire to learn more about professionalism in the field of public

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