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Medicine has always been a part of my life as I was born into a family where my grand parents were traditional healers who used natural herbs to heal people of their ailments. At an early age, I realized that I had more questions than answers about why people fall ill and can be treated using herbs. These questions ignited my interest to understand how humans benefitted from health care and subsequently provided my path to being admitted into Ambrose Alli University , Ekpoma in Nigeria to study Medicine & Surgery.

While interacting and clerking patients during my clinical postings made me understand that most people become sick because they have rudimentary understanding of basic health care and restricted access to the best medical facilities
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This brought a bare opportunity to actually put my dream in a sharper perspective. I was reminded again of the need for better healthcare policy. I saw firsthand the disparities in healthcare especially as healthcare provision is determined by your insurance cover.
It is no longer news that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a major campaign tool for the opposition because of the anticipated increase in Premium. This has only reminded us of the need for better healthcare policies that can, not only address the issue of rising health cost but also provide coverage for a greater number of citizens.
Following these, I have been searching for how to develop the skills which will enable me provide evidence from available data that will help inform management decisions on resource allocation and investments in technologies that will improve health outcome in a cost-effective
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I checked online for programs that fit my goals. In my search, I stumbled across the name of this great institution from the Health Economics websites where professional of this subject meet to discuss these deficiencies and ways to improve them. Going through the faculty list I am quite sure that the depth of your faculty members into research will place me in the position to develop my skills that will enable me form and improve my decision making abilities that will improve health care outcome. I noticed that the professors are actively working professionals who have real practical experiences in this field. I believe they can give me practical insight into the classroom and I will be glad to have a focused research with

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