Anatomy And Physiology 3d Free : Anatomical Model Of The Human Body

707 Words Oct 31st, 2015 3 Pages
When looking at an iPad app to evaluate, I thought of all of the things that I would want if I was a student. The ease of navigation, the available content, the accuracy of the content, and if the information is age appropriate. In my search, I came across the app called Anatomy and Physiology 3D Free: Anatomical Model of the Human Body. This was a free app that I was able to download within a few minutes on my personal iPad. Total size of the app is 723 MB. The web rating is 12+. A brief summary of the app was provided by the creator. The description read that the app was a great reference, testing, and educational tool. It provided a full 3D male and female model with over 4,700 structures in each of the two models. It provides over 100,000+ words of anatomical content and 10 layers of musculoskeletal, nervous, and internal organs for viewing. It will assist in medical, nursing, and other health care practitioners learn clinically relevant anatomy. This will be useful for examinations and patient education purposes. When looking at Schrock’s guide to evaluating an app, I took into consideration all of the key points of the content and components of the app. The curriculum content and authenticity of the information within the app is accurate. The app provides a touch screen navigational style approach. The student is able to choose a specific area of the body, such as the chest for example. The student can then decide what they would like to explore:…

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