Essay on Analyzing Your Audience At Your Presentation

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Analyzing your audience prior to your presentation is a key factor in determining how effective your presentation will be received. There are many characteristics you must consider to ensure communication is clear and understood.
One characteristic of your audience you must consider is age. While the age may differ among the group you must be able to capture the entire group. This can easily be done by describing how your product or service meets the needs of the entire audience. You may also use a multitude of terms that each age group can easily relate to. The presenter must also be careful not to talk down to the audience because they maybe of a lesser age, and likewise don’t be afraid to take control of your presentation because you are addressing older people. Just be confident in yourself and mindful of everyone that is a part of your audience.
Gender is also important when considering the characteristics of your audience. Presenters often forget that some statements made in a presentation maybe appropriate for a male audience and not a female audience and vice versa. Speakers often use jokes as ice breakers to begin their presentations and often these are sexist. While this may appropriate in an all male setting, this could turn off a female audience instantly. One rule I like to use when giving a presentation is to speak to your audience like their adults and give gender little attention unless your product or service is gender specific.
Ethnicity, race and cultural…

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