Analyzing The Web Analytics And The Site Essay

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As I understand web analytics, it means to collect data related to traffic to a particular site and the subsequent flow of traffic on that site so as to analyze consumer pattern in order to optimize the site to maximize productivity of that site. [1] Data can also be collected of the traffic to the site related to the prior sites visited and the subsequent sites visited so as to better understand the consumer pattern and with the prospects of collaboration with the other business sites to serve the customer better and also increase net profit/productivity of the businesses concerned.
Page Caching
As the topic of discussion is web analytics and it involves optimizing the site, it is important that the web site/pages load quickly and is optimized to be shown up quickly when search engines are used. [2] One way of achieving that the web pages load quickly and are optimized for search engines are by page caching. As is obvious in almost all the cases even in non-virtual world, no one usually likes to wait. So if a page takes a lot of time to load or show up in entirety in quick time, a prospective customer may lose interest quickly and move on to another competitor site that loads quicker and may end up making a purchase on that site. Especially, in today’s times where internet speeds and other online speeds have increased significantly, having a site that loads slowly is a poor design and a very likely cause of losing potential customers from making purchases. Also, search…

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