Essay on Analyzing The Augmentation Of Motor Skill Acquisition

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Augmenting Motor Skill Acquisition
In an attempt to describe the augmentation of motor skill acquisition I am going refer to the work of Schmidt and Lee (2014) throughout this assignment and inform my comments around a skill used in basketball; the free throw. A free throw is a skill that is generally unaffected by environmental factors, such as opposition. This results in a stable and highly predictable environment throughout performance. These characteristics of a free throw describe a closed skill. The basketballer can assess the environment during performance, preventing the need to suddenly and unexpectedly alter movements; thus a more accurate shot can be achieved. Taking a free throw can also be described as a discrete skill as it has a clear beginning and end. Abilities underpin skills and individuals with strong perceptual abilities, such as hand-eye co-ordination, are likely to be good at this skill.
Motor learning describes the acquiring of motor skills. In order for a basketballer to improve their accuracy and overall performance they must engage in motor learning. Motor programs, stored in the long-term memory due to practice, resemble a set of movement patterns for a particular skill. However, there are two distinct problems with motor programs: novelty and storage. A basketballer will never perform the same free throw twice; the force and trajectory at which they take the shot, for example, will be different each time. This suggests they would require a…

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