Event Budgeting Case Study

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6. Tammie Hawkins and the Benefits of Proper Event Budgeting
According to Tammie Hawkins, a fun and memorable event is not successful if it strays over the client 's budget. It does not matter how great everything turned out or how many photos were taken. One of the reasons the client hired an event planner was to make sure that the budget was adhered to, which means that her job is about far more than decoration and fun details. Event planners are always tasked with managing the finances of the event or meeting they are organizing. Unfortunately, it can be too easy to go over budget. One of the easiest methods for avoiding this common mistake is to clarify the important priorities at the very first client meeting.
When Hawkins initially sits
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It does not matter how well the meeting or event is planned, or how vigilant the planner is, random issues always creep up when they are least expected. All kinds of things can go wrong when planning an event, including natural disasters on the other side of the country that affect a shipment of special ordered candles. Tammie Hawkins offers an ability to adapt to any situation, and still provide an event that is top notch.
8. Tammie Hawkins Talks About Party Versus Event Planning
Tammie Hawkins meets with many potential clients in California who are not sure whether their soiree requires the services of an Event Planner or a Party Planner. This is understandable, as the two terms are used and misused quite regularly. However, if the person hosting the event wants it to be a success, they need to hire the right planner for the job.
There are certain events and parties that can and will be handled easily by either an Event Planner or a Party Planner. These could include wedding receptions, award ceremonies, team building festivities, dinners, and themed parties. However, the only events that are under the sole discretion of a Party Planner are generally birthday parties and family reunions. On the other hand, an Event Planner has the knowledge and ability to orchestrate meetings, seminars, conferences, corporate events, auctions, and trade
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Choosing the Right Venue with Event Planner Tammie Hawkins
Choosing the perfect venue for an event is one of the most important aspects of Event Planning, according to Tammie Hawkins. The venue sets the scene for the entire function, and a poorly chosen venue has the chance of ruining even the most lavish occasion. There are many things to consider when choosing the ideal venue, the first item is the cost. If the client 's budget for an event is ten thousand dollars, it does not make sense to spend six thousand on the venue. That leaves no room for adequate food and beverage, décor, and all of the other details.
Venues must always be looked at from a discriminating standpoint. Just because a certain country club, hotel, or banquet hall carries a stellar reputation, does not mean it will fit the client 's needs. A good Event Planner knows this, and checks possible venues accordingly. The client and the planner must look at the existing décor of the venue. While chairs and tables can certainly be moved, items like windows and doors are permanent features. Also, the décor of the venue may not work with the theme for the event. A client wanting a wedding with a winter theme will not find red walls and black tile floors conducive to their

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