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Introduction to Digital Marketing
“Analysis of Starbucks Web site”
Irina Popova

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Analysis of Starbucks web site
How corporate web site should look like in 2012 and which requirements it should follow to be successful and to help organization to implement its strategy? Let’s explore this topic on the example of Starbucks Company.
Today accessibility became the defining factor for future success of a corporate web site. Your adventure starts if you can access company’s official site. Can the web site be open in any electronic device? Can people with disabilities access it with keyboard only? Starbucks web site home page and other landing pages are free from flash player content, that's making it easy to
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As well as twitter messages are written in a very personal style, drawing the picture of live person behind the computer screen, who responds to customer complaints and communicate news inside Starbucks to the world. Blog as well as Starbucks twitter account pretty focused on a certain internet marketing plan that aim to improve customer intimacy, to get feedback, to promote new services and products. For example, there is an option to create own drinks with a web site or an App to find the closest Starbucks coffeehouse.
Analytical Data for
According to official web site of Starbucks “” is the 4047th in global traffic rank in last three months and 909th in the USA. Majority of visitors are represented by US citizens (79%) and educated females in age of 25-34 year old without children. Only 10% of visits referred to search engine. Before enter most times users went to (30%) or Facebook (5%). For the same sites (Goggle and Facebook) people were leaving In average 1 visitor per day goes through 3.3 unique pages at the web site. The top queries that create traffic to from SE (according to are Starbucks (36.70%) and coffee (3.98%).
Starbucks corporate web site fits 5 S models: it sells, serves, speaks, save and

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