Financial Implications Of Starbucks

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The industry of Starbucks is specialty eateries. In Starbucks aspect, it is a specialty coffee industry which is constantly changing and trying to implement new kind of products and services so that the customer is attracted in light of macro-economic events, customer engagement and global growth which is constantly increasing.
Starbucks is considered as an international organisation owing to which the corporation is considered to be in the global category of the industry. This category serves to most of the countries in the world and tends to have a global status for the product it is selling. The macro-economic events take place in a different manner (Aminattaheri, Sorooshian, & Aghabakhshi, 2013). The coffee resource is extremely scarce as there are less than 15% of the countries that produces coffee. Due to this factor, Starbucks has to be bound to those countries that produce it in large
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It should be noted that coffee is a valuable crop owing to which it is important for the consumers to know where the money they are spending is going. In current time, the market of coffee is considered as free which means that people controlling the coffee beans products will have an upper hand on the way the money is utilised (Arrigo, 2015). For instance, there are chances that Starbucks might not be giving the share of farmers that actually produce coffee beans in their farms and are part of a developing country. This would lead to significant losses to not only the farmers but also to the economic level of the developing country. However, this is not the case with Starbucks. The corporation makes certain to utilise the money spent by the consumers on coffee, by sending it to the farmers who are actually working hard in producing the best kind of coffee beans for people residing in foreign

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