Analysis: Prayers And Answers

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Prayers and Answers My sisters and I had just finished unloading the garbage out of the back of the pickup and it was time to drive back to the house to fill it up again. I had backed up just a little too far this time and the pickup was sitting on a steep slope. At eleven years old, I was not strong enough to hold the brake and push in the clutch to start the engine. As I struggled to hold them both and turn the key, the pickup rolled backward and up over the top of some straw bales we had just unloaded. As much as I tried I could not get the pickup to move. I climbed out to see what was going on and found the bales under the pickup and holding the tires off of the ground. One of them was directly under the muffler and as I was looking …show more content…
This was a real change for a small town Idaho boy. There were plenty of lessons to learn and even more experiences to continue to strengthen my testimony. Again, one of those lessons again was using prayer. My companion and I had attended a meeting and the question was asked if we were working effectively. We were challenged by the mission president to earnestly tell the Lord what we were going to do for the day and the outcome that we expected. He let us know that our desires had to be righteous, and we would receive answers to our prayers. The next day we decided to really put this to the test. We knelt as a companionship and looked at the map of our area. We both felt that we should go to a specific area on the map and then we picked out a couple of streets. When we both felt good about the streets we chose, we began our prayer. I recall praying, and in great detail telling the Lord that we would be working in a specific area and then named the streets that we picked out. We would be there during the day and suddenly I could see a porch light. I asked the Lord to have the porch lights on to indicate where we would find people prepared to …show more content…
I spent some time there on my knees and asked the Lord to let me know before the interview was over with the stake president if Laura was the one that I should marry. I waited anxiously during the interview for that confirmation of yes or no. The stake president got up and was shaking my hand at the door and I was about to leave when he stopped me. He said, “Brother Hansen, I understand that there is a young lady that is very excited to see you return. I look forward to meeting with you in the coming months for a temple interview.” That was enough for me. I knew right then and there that I had received the answer that I was looking for.
Those three experiences were the ones that really provided me with a strong testimony of prayer. These also taught me that my Heavenly Father really knows me and is willing to communicate with me, if I will open the line and seek out his guidance. I know that I have been blessed many times over because of this and it is still part of the firm foundation for my

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