Essay about Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's ' Julius Caesar '

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Two Speeches

In Scene 1 of Act 3 of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar was been assassinated by the Roman Senators. At the time of the crime, Mark Antony was led away by Trebonius so he would not be able to interfere and aid Caesar. While this was occurring, the conspirators conversed in short, clipped, monosyllabic words. When the signal was given, they drew their swords and slew the ruler. Caesar, upon looking at the faces of the men surrounding him, found his "friend" Brutus among the traitors, gave up fight and died. After his return to the scene, Mark Antony requested he be able to speak to the people of Rome at Caesar 's funeral. Brutus and Mark Antony both gave well worded eulogies at the funeral, but only one of them received a lasting desired result.

Brutus begins his speech to the people with "Romans, countrymen, and loves! Hear me for my cause,"(Act 3.2, Page 1). His address of the people shows he knows that he above the common citizen and that he will take advantage of that status. Brutus starts with "Romans" rather than "Friends" as a result of him wanting the people to know that they are the reason for his deeds because his actions were for Rome and its populace. Although Brutus has no way to expect what words Mark Antony will use, he shows his confidence that the people are on his side by being demanding of the crowd that they listen to him. When Mark Antony enters the stage, Brutus asks that the good people of Rome pay attention to…

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