Analysis of Volcom Inc. Essay

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Volcom Inc. SWOT
Volcom was acquired by PPR in May 2011, I did the analysis from the standpoint that Volcom's management still remained independent.
1) Volcom's advertising and promotional strategy consisted of athlete sponsorship, print advertisements, branded events, online marketing, branded retail stores, music, film, and the Featured Artist Series. The company has stayed true to its board sport heritage since day-one recognizing a portion of their customers to be "poseurs" or groups of people who want to fit in with the current fad but have no real connection to what the brand represents. Through their corporate sponsorship of extreme sport athletic events and the development of both a music label & production company, Volcom
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From the ground up Volcom has practiced a distribution strategy in-line with its mission, always seeking to maintain the concept of a company that was created by boarders for the youth in revolt or anyone involved in the board sport culture.

Strengths * Management understands their customers base; CEO was formerly a Quicksilver sponsored surfer as well as a marketing professional experience in this industry, managements background in the extreme sports world has promoted a management direction that has protected the authenticity of the brand - Management is constantly evaluating its outsourced production ensuring quality control and flexibility in re-evaluating sourcing and manufacturing decisions * Clothing line suits a loyal niche market, specifically people who are involved in extreme sports - product line is diverse including clothing for men, boys, girls, footwear, swim, snow and with the purchase of Electric: sunglasses, goggles, bags and belts * Low cost and effective grassroots marketing design: - Sponsorship of the events & athletes (Shaun White) that are synonymous with the extreme sport circuit (great advertising to their target market) i.e. Featured Artiest Series - Diversified their products including a record label which has signed several successful bands (that perform music particularly popular with their customers) and produces extreme sports movies

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