Analysis Of The Wrong Cure For Sex Trafficking Essay

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Discrete Sides of Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is so concealed, yet it is a huge issue in today 's world. Amrita Biswas and Zach Weissmueller share two different opinions while arguing on human trafficking. In Biswas article “Human Trafficking Scenario in Bangladesh: Some concerns,” she argues against human trafficking and the huge issue it brings to the world. She also compares sex trafficking to slavery. The second article, “The Wrong Cure for Sex Trafficking” written by Weissmueller, argues more toward legalizing sex trafficking and the consequences of victims suffering prostitution. Biswas clearly has a better article because it shows a better pathos and logos argument. over Weissmueller’s better ethos argument. Although Amrita Biswas clearly had a better article than Zach Weissmueller, she lacked a convincing ethos argument. In Biswas’ (2015),article “Human Trafficking Scenario in Bangladesh: Some Concerns” she states the differences in abuse:
What sets Human trafficking apart from other forms of abuse is the fact that it‘s in fact multiple injustices rolled into one. It violates any and every type of fundamental right and freedom that a modern day human holds precious to his/her heart. A trafficked human isn‘t just abducted, exploited or raped (p. 86).
The author is telling us that human trafficking isn’t just a minor problem. She continuously implies the terrible acts and consequences left from illegal sex trafficking. Weissmueller’s article incorporates a…

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