Analysis Of The Three Drawbacks To Ubiquitous Computing In Society

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Q: How could your computer be improved to make your life more convenient?
A: I believe we are only in the beginning of an era where computers can make our lives easier. One could look at just a few aspects of the physical computer itself to improve our lives. One would be the computer’s memory. With endless memory you could store and travel with all the data and software you could possibly need. Another would be a mass storage devises. Today we can carry, in our pockets, the data that was stored in whole building just a few decades ago. Now with just a push of a button, a rocket can be launched, ICU units are monitored to support life and we can now communicate across the world in real time both visually and verbally. This technology with
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A: One reason is that ubiquitous computing can cause social issues especially with work. With this type of technology, your work is with you at all times…anywhere and anytime, everywhere. In the corporate world, in many cases, it is an unwritten rule that you are available for work, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There seems to me no “down” time for rest and relaxation.
A second drawback is the ease of security and fraud. It seems today that it is easier than ever to hack into a system and commit crimes. You done even have to be a sophisticated thief. It seems even the IT whiz at your local high school can hack the biggest data bases in the world.
A third reason, in my opinion, is the fact that if the power grid is ever taken down anywhere in the world for any reason, it could cause havoc to the population especially in major populations. As ubiquitous computing grows so do the need to protect the
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Since we are all connected though the internet it has and will change the way people communicate with each other, how business is performed and how we as individuals get our entertainment. The internet is a huge library of documents videos, images and websites. With this constantly updated data, there is an unlimited supply of knowledge that can be used for all aspects of life, including education, science, mathematics, history, phycology, just to name a few. In business many companies can gain a larger market and be able to reach out globally to many more customers than before. This is increasing the top-line dollars and bottom-line dollars of a business’s profit and loss statement. They can conduct conferences, and perform data management from any location that is connected. The internet has completely change the way we socialize and communicate with each other, bringing the family structure closer together than ever before

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