Analysis Of The Novel ' Tessa 's Next Class ' Essay

1291 Words Jun 16th, 2015 6 Pages
Throughout Tessa’s next class, she practiced focusing in on one person’s thoughts, and blocking out the others. One particularly cute boy in her class was thinking about his frat orientation. The woman professor was thinking of how ignorant our class was. As she focused in on the particular thoughts, she thought she could hear a deep, quiet whisper in the back of her brain. She couldn’t quite figure out exactly what it was saying. The more she used the stone, the louder the whisper got. Tessa had the chills. The voice was saying something about stealing her soul. This was a little too horror movie for Tess. She decided then and there that she would get rid of the stone. She didn’t want to mess with whatever dark magical thing was happening to her. She would happily let someone else speak to these evil spirits. After class, Tess took a cab to the nearest lake. She leaned over the bridge and chucked the talisman in. No more demon magic for her. She had school to focus on, and building her empire. When Tessa got home from her trip to the lake, Anna was lying on her bed listening to music, and doodling. Tess flopped onto her bed and pulled out her phone. As she turned over on her side, she felt a familiar weight in her jacket pocket. She didn’t even want to look, because she already knew what was waiting for her in her pocket. She pulled it out and looked at it. Tess was so frustrated and worked up, a tear fell from her eyes. What is she crying about now, she’s only been here…

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