Analysis Of The National Museum Of American History Essay

1326 Words Jan 22nd, 2016 null Page
A new exhibit in the National Museum of American History, in Washington D.C., called “Defining America: Five Critical Debates” has been created. This exhibit aims to show museum visitors what it means to be an American as well as how progress has been a reoccurring idea that developed the United States since the end of the Civil War. There are many different movements that define America; however, there are a few that show just what it meant to be an American and how the idea of progress has helped America develop into the country it is now. The Black Civil Rights Movement as well as the Women’s Suffrage Movement show how far the United States has progressed in equal treatment. Just as there is equal treatment, there is also inequality, the treatment of Native Americans shows the negative effect of both being an American and the American idea of progress. World War One and the Great Depression are strong examples of how the government dealt with and aided in harsh situations to create both the programs and the economy of modern America. The exhibit will consist of five events. Each event will be portrayed using select primary documents that best illustrate the definition of “American” and the idea of “progress”. These primary documents will be mounted on a timeline wall for museum visitors to read. The timeline will show how long each event lasted in order to add extra emphasis to the importance of the documents and the exhibit as a whole. Many if not all of the events…

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