Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' When Calls The Heart '

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With an abundance of new characters in “When Calls the Heart” this season, sometimes only the most observant viewers might notice the handful of smaller roles that pop up now and then on the show. I was immeasurably excited when I finally figured out who the character Katie Yost was, and once I connected with the actress who portrays her, Larissa Albequerque, I knew at once that I wanted to find out more about this young actress. Thankfully, she was able to set aside some time recently to chat about WCTH as well as give insight into the occasionally overlooked Katie Yost.

What inspired you to become an actress?

From the time I was 7 or so, I was fascinated with acting. I loved film, theater, and television because it let people escape for a moment into a fictional world. As an actress, you could be someone else. But on the flip side, I’ve since learned that actors are really not supposed to be trying to act--they should be trying to portray real life.

When I was in high school, I got involved in the theater program, but I didn’t think it could be a real career. So I went off to the university and pursued a degree in marketing and graphic design. During that time, however, I happened to get an agent who helped me pursue my real passion. It was challenging to balance school work and my acting life, but I did accomplish the goal of obtaining my degree--just finished recently, as a matter of fact. Now I see all my audition work and time on the set not only as a chance to…

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