Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Village Directed '

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Background & Thesis The movie The Village directed by Shyamalan was released in 2004. The storyline creates a setting placed in the middle of the woods during the 19th century. To give some background to the plot—there is a community of people, hence the name The Village, that have formed their own government and way of living. In this town there is evident fear and angst regarding creatures that attack the village resulting in bloodshed. This fear drives them to not go near the woods that surround the perimeter of their town but to stay put. The movie as a whole addresses theological implications regarding the church. Human nature is being depicted in certain ways that drive the understanding of their engagement with the rest of the world. Being aware of these theological ideas, there is an analogy of the ways the church can and often does go wrong. The Village displays these ideas through the structure of their community and leadership, and also through what they imply regarding human nature in relation to their understanding of the world around them.
Within and Beyond the Building When most people refer to the church, people often think of the building. There is emphasis on location and space of where people gather in worship. Too often people can limit the church to just that—a building. However, the church is way more than that. It is not bound by time or space, but united to a connection to Christ. It is a depiction of Christ’s body. Ecclesia is Greek for church.…

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