Analysis Of The Movie ' The Truman Show ' Essay

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Advertisements are everywhere, inside magazine pages, during television commercials, the clips before the movie at the movie theater; ads cannot be escaped as they are a part of Americans’ lives. The movie, The Truman Show, is based on a man named Truman whose life was staged for a television show ever since he was a baby, making a hit out of his life and marketing multiple products without Truman’s knowledge. If Truman from The Truman Show were to compare his life with Americans today, he would unquestionably agree that he and many Americans are exposed to watching advertisements, whether they are aware of the situation or not. Advertising is a big part of the American culture and American Dream and it helps promote products and services to help with the American economic system. In the recent advertisement for the new Benefit brow products that launched this year, the ad creates a sense of establishment and high societal influences with the beautiful model, the gorilla hands, and the brow products. Although Benefit’s advertisement promotes empowerment and high social standing, the company is subliminally promoting gender inequality.
To break apart the components of the Benefit advertisement and discuss its tactical approach to the American consumers, one must know the difference between elitism and populism. In Jack Solomon’s “Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising, he describes the American Dream and a paradox, for which Americans desire to be populous…

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