Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Surprise '

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A) I really like the style of Surprise! because it seems like an old film, but with innovative text and graphics that seems manual. My first reaction to Surprise is that its a romantic story that will have a tragic ending. Due to the director’s emphasis on the axe above the woman’s head, I thought that the man was trying to kill her with the axe. Yet I was confused to why he spent so much time on making traps to kill her. Also, this mystery including the photo he took in the beginning scene makes me more interested in the film. The close up camera angles made me more engaged to watch the film because I feel like I am inside or peeking into his plans. The tension that was built along the way made the ending very memorable because it was unexpected. Lasso was an indy film for me because I didn’t really understood what was going on. I am more drawn to films with stories. I think this is a funny short film because the girl seems to be checking herself, but ended up seeing a guy doing weird exercises. The long scene of the guy working out makes it really uncomfortable and confused because I don’t know why it was necessary to show this scene for such a long time. This is so different from Drive because all the scenes in Drive were very packed with actions and crucial. This film taught me that films can also be used to keep memories rather than just telling stories. The point of this film is to portray a moment. In contrast to Surprise! I initially thought that this was a…

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