Analysis Of The Movie ' Spoorloos ' Essay

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Spoorloos, is an original Dutch/French thriller film filmed in 1988, and directed by George Sluizer. The film is about a couple, Rex and Saskia, traveling for vacations. Later, Saskia is abducted by a chemistry professor named Raymond, who is trying to prove that fate can be defeat. The main plot of the film is Rex looking for Saskia, while he has a new girlfriend, Lieneke. The antagonist of the film, Raymond, is loved by his family who know nothing about his another face. As mentioned before, he is a chemistry professor who was diagnosed sociopath. At the end, Raymond contacts Rex to reveal what happened to Saskia. In order to do this, Raymond tell Rex that he has to experiment the same as Saskia experimented. Rex ends up being buried alive. The Vanishing, is the remake version of Spoorloos for an American audience filmed in 1993. The remake was also directed by George Sluizer. Even though Sluizer directed both films, the American version is vastly different than the original. An example are the names; “Jeff” is Rex, “Diane” is Saskia, “Rita” is Lieneke, and “Barney” is Raymond. Also, the American version uses more violent elements and swearing. Additionally, the participation of “Rita” is a crucial key element in the remake plot. In the original film, Lieneke is more like a foil character. On a side note, a “foil character” is a character who highlight particular qualities of other character, in this case, Rex. Vladimir Propp published an article named “Morphology of…

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