Analysis Of The Movie ' Short Term 12 Essay

1314 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Short Term 12 was a very interesting movie. It had hints of being realistic, but with aspects where you knew it was a movie. It’s about a group of workers who work in a foster care residential facility setting. The main character, Grace, deals with her own personal struggles while she supervises the children at the facility. I have a short bit of experience at a facility like Short Term 12 in some aspects; I can see where parts of the movie are realistic and where are some are an exaggeration because it is a movie. Short Term 12 was a good movie, and I am glad we saw it.
Short Term 12 deals with the idea that “You are not their parent, you are not their therapist, you are here to create a safe environment.” I believe that is 100% true. I would have no problem complying with this because I have a little experience working at a facility with at-risk teenagers. I may have some missteps, as I am only human, but overall I would keep this in mind while working with any population. Working with children in a treatment setting has its perks and its downfalls, but one big moral dilemma you deal with is getting too close to the children. If you try and become their parent, it will reflect poorly on both you and the child. You may transfer some of your own personal issues onto the child, even with the best intentions. You are not their therapist, but you are there to listen. You must keep the children you care for safe from many factors, both internal and external. You must keep them…

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