Analysis Of The Movie ' Orange Is The New Black ' Essays

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The popular show “Orange Is the New Black” is a show off Netflix. One of my favorite character is Maritza Ramos. In real life, the actresses name is Diane Guerrero and she was born here in America. Her parents and older brother were born in Colombia and immigrated here before she was born. When she was 14, she was coming home from school, saw that the dinner was ready, lights were on but her family wasn’t anywhere to be found. She went to her neighbor 's house, where they broke the news to her and told her that her parents and brother had be deported. Unfortunately, situations like hers are actually very common. La times has reported that last year around 315,943 people were deported from the United States. There should be more opportunities to help families become citizen so they could stay together because deporting families can not only damage the members of the family, but also the United States. For example, people who might not want to help out immigrants might say they are worried about resources. They worry immigrants are a drain to society. Many of the people who immigrated here legally or illegally aren’t a drain. Those who come here illegally, many people think they don’t pay taxes, but yet they still get the same benefits of those who do. However, immigrants are part of the resources and do pay their taxes. Immigrants who want to get documented, want to be documented so they can be more involved in their society. Many may think immigrants come here for a better…

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