Analysis Of The Movie ' Himchan 's Pov ' Essay

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Himchan 's pov

It is late and I am getting ready to go to sleep. Since I broke up with my last boyfriend I have been really lonely, also gukkie now has zelo so he has no time to spend with me. I am happy for him and I love zelo to pieces, I am just lonely. I have been making youngjae stay with me so that I am not alone. Youngjae is already in bed I was on my way to my room when I heard a knock on the door. Wondering who in the world could be at my door so late. I go and open it, to my surprise I see zelo. not the new happy zelo or the old "I Don 't care about anything " zelo. This was a new zelo and I was scared, he should be at home with guk. So why was he on the floor in front of my door, hold his side sobbing to the point where he can not even talk. " Oh my god, what happened? What 's wrong sweetie?" He just kept shaking his head and crying. he was trying so hard catch his breath, I did not know what to do. I picked him up and carry him to the couch. I yell for youngjae hoping that he has not asleep yet. " can you tell me whats wrong sweetie? Do I need to call guk" I asked and he stated crying even more, he kept saying not to tell guk. He was begging me not to call guk. I wonder what in the world happened. " what 's wrong himchan? Why in the world did you yell?" Youngjae asked as he was coming out the room zelo. When he walked all the way into the room he finally understood. He ran over " himchan you have to get him to calm down, he has enough trouble trying to…

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