Shikitsune: A Short Story

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The creator was named Shikitsune, she lived within a realm of nothing; an emptiness. She held her hands together and a stone was created, she crafted 10 stones and placed them in a circle suspended in the nothing. The stones would represent the solid ground ones would stand on, and the solid ground beneath them even when they were too far away in their minds.
She wept into the center of the ring of stones, and water filled the center. The water would fill their bodies and fuel the beings emotions, and fuel the life, the spirit, of them. The pond had been created and with the stone and water created, she folded the pond into a sphere, and took away all but one stone. She sent the stones far into the nothingness but just close enough, to give
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Shikitsune lay her gentle hands along the land to create mountains, for treks earning perseverance. She pressed in valley’s, to go through the troubles of what life may offer, but learning to find a way up. She raised large trees from the land to give the wind a place to rest, smaller plants as food for the creatures, and the four-legged beasts that would roam the land. She created the beasts that would rule the sea, and the plants of the sea to let the currents rest. At last, she created the creature, the creature to inhabit the Earth, to use what they have been given in the best way to benefit all. She called this creature a human, and gave the first human a box and a key. Inside of the box was another with many more inside that one, however each opening gave all on earth new knowledge to prosper. With her work completed, Shikitsune gave the first gift: recreation, to all creatures and beasts. With the last of her strength, Shikitsune split herself into billions of shiny pieces to watch over all she had created in …show more content…
Shikitsune saw these things as the wrong way, she provided these natural sources of food, and energy but they chose the path of selfishness.All but two, two humans actually thought of their environment before themselves. Two, saw value in every living thing that was on the Earth. Two, knew the ways shikisune wanted and saw the world through her eyes.It was the two humans that she placed above the Earth in a cloud, she wanted them safe from what she was about to do. She wept, she cried onto the planet she had created, she cried onto them drowning the life in her tears. She wanted to teach the humans a lesson in respecting the earth, and respecting what the earth has given them, and what she has given them. After many days the earth had no more land and she allowed the flaming sphere which the humans named “the sun” to absorb the water. After 13 days, the water was gone, and she let down the two humans while beginning the creation process of life again, As she tried to help develop the humans’ minds to help the environment, other life, and themselves without hurting anything in the

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