Analysis Of The Movie ' Food Inc ' Examines The Corporate Effect On The Food Industry

1051 Words Mar 6th, 2016 5 Pages
I’ve always been skeptical of the food on the shelves at the supermarket that claim they’re “100% fresh!“ my response is “shouldn’t you be Fresh?” and “Shouldn’t you be made from that?” The movie “Food Inc” examines the corporate effect on the food industry. This documentary ranges form discussing the meat packing industry and its effects on people, to the laws surrounding he use of corn and seed in farming. No topic in the food industry does untouched in this documentary and shortcut taken goes uncovered. The secrets we have feared but have never known are told and shown to us in this documentary. We have to keep in mind that this documentary is narrated from one point of view the producers themselves are against the deeds of the food corporations, when as some many aspects of the documentary focus on the inside look of the corporations. This documentary is informative and educational, therefore should be a topic to critique in classrooms besides there hasn’t been a film this important about American food production, and probably not about industrialized food anywhere. Students should be aware of what’s in their food, or at least to think about it, because many people are not aware of the issues that food production covers. Beside that the documentary covers many topics and “secrets“ that the food industry don’t want people to be aware of. After watching the documentary, I have became more aware about the food I buy and eat, the environment, poultry and livestock. I…

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