Analysis Of The Movie ' Charlie St. Cloud ' Essay

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In this film, Charlie St. Cloud, the director Burr Steers conveys the story behind the loss of Charlie’s younger brother, Sam. Zac Efron is playing the role of Charlie, who graduates from high school to attend Stanford in the fall. An unanticipated event occurs on the night of the accident; Charlie is responsible for taking care of his younger brother. The tragic accident leaves Charlie with sadness even five years after Sam 's death. Charlie makes a promise with Sam’s spirit to see him at sunset cannons to play ball. Everything transforms when Tess arrives in his life again after graduating from the same high school. Charlie was given a second chance in life to save Tess from the boat accident. Charlie’s love towards Tess helps him cope with overcoming the blame and guilt of Sam’s death.
In the opening montage, the relationship between the brothers is unbreakable untill the night of the accident. Charlie, the main character, talk about his plans for the fall to attend Stanford until Sam’s death. The director, Burr Steers, uses the story of Charlie to relate it to the audience who may experience the loss of a relative. During, the car accident the scene was played in slow motion to make a dramatic emphasis illustrate the emotions of the scene. When Charlie was revived, he says “I’m sorry Sam” which draws the emotional scene to grasp the attention (Charlie St. Cloud). Charlie decides to work in the graveyard where Sam was buried to feel connected with his brother. After the…

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