Essay on Analysis Of The Mission Of Minit Lube

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There are many vehicle maintenance companies throughout the United States. There is a very high demand for professional, courteous, and high quality automotive services all throughout cities of the United States. Minit-Lube is an automotive repair facility located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They have been operating for more than 30 years and offer all types of services including tire services, tune-ups, oil changes, suspension services and exhaust, lubrication services and other mechanical and electrical diagnostics. This automotive services company is also opened 7 days a week and operates on a no appointment necessary policy.
Question 1 The mission of Minit-Lube is to provide fleet and retail customers with exceptional automotive lubrication and other regular maintenance services by providing convenient, competitively priced services. To better offer these services we not only provide the services of a “simple oil change” company but rather provide customers with maintenance services including power steering, driveline and transmission fluid changes, drive belt, fuel system cleaning and windshield wiper or headlight replacement which can all be provided in minutes, 7 days per week with no appointment necessary (“Minit-Lube,” 2016).
Question 2 Minit-Lube’s operation stratgey has many competitive advantages. The product design of Minit-Lube tends to differentiate itself from competition by offereing quick service and providing more than just the typical “oil…

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