Analysis Of The Miss Representation Film

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In the Miss Representation film, men and women are portrayed in different lights that affect them in different ways. The women shown in the video are portrayed in a negative light, and the men are portrayed to be superior over the woman. Other men may see this as positive, but to us women we see it as being very negative. Back in the day, women were to be seen as the normative housewife, as in they would basically take care of the house and all of the responsibilities that came along with it. The men were always the bread winners and still are today; men believed and some still believe that a woman 's place is in the house. In the film, it basically talks about how women are portrayed in the media and how it can affect us personally and as a whole. Throughout the movie, numerous young girls and women expressed their feelings on how they felt about men only looking at whats on the outside instead of what 's on the inside. …show more content…
The media portrays the typical idea that a woman is only sexy if she has skimpy clothes on and a flat stomach. Kimmel states, “Back then, male characters were more courageous and active, fighting crime and solving mysteries. Female characters were caring but befuddled housewives who occasionally ventured outside the home only to realize that they really loved baking cookies” (324). This quote explains gender roles perfectly because women and men are seen like this everyday by their peers and in the media. The more we see this stereotypical view of men and women, the more we think and start to “do our gender”. When you “do gender”, a person performs their stereotypical role of their specific gender; he or she is taught how to act and appear as either

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