Analysis Of The Interview Of Jodi Arias Essay

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While watching the interview of Jodi Arias, we discovered multiple signs, verbal and non-verbal, that we used to determine whether or not Arias is telling the truth or lying. To begin the interview Arias is asked various general information questions regarding how she met Travis Alexander and the development of their relationship together. We used this to set up a baseline of how she answered questions. Throughout this process we highlighted the key verbal and non-verbal signs to see how her responses changed from the beginning to the end of the interview. These are our findings.
When answering these general questions we found that Arias was able to answer quickly and fluidly. There were no pauses in between questions and overall had a comfortable feeling throughout these first few questions. Her posture was upright and relaxed. While being asked the questions she would turn to each interviewer to make eye contact and respond accordingly. Each question was answered with a genuine smile and extensive detail. Arias was also asked about her love for photography and proceeded to answer with ease and fluidity. We believe that during these questions Arias was truthful.
When asked about the day Travis’ body was found, we noticed a significant change in the way Arias answered questions both verbally and non-verbally. Some of the differences we spotted in her verbal responses were the rate at which she was able to answer. We noticed she started to use more filler words such as…

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