Analysis Of ' The ' Grey Car ' Essay

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I feel the embrace of death closing in on me in this cramped, grey car.

Each passing second may be my last. The Regulators will be looking for me soon when my fake mom discovers me missing. All I can hope is that these "Composers" can keep me safe. I don 't know if I want to join them. I hate this world but I 've also become accustomed to the silence. I don 't know how I will feel if the world becomes loud and chaotic. Not like I have a choice in the matter. Ana seems set on getting me to the base as fast as possible as she seems to avoid every single highway and takes only back roads and dirt paths. The ride is bumpy and is making me nauseous but I have to stay with her if I want to stay alive.

"How much longer?" I ask.

I already know her answer. It 's not like a rebel group is going to set up right in the backyard of the people who want them dead.

She sighs, rolling her eyes "Unimportant, it 'll be awhile."

I bang my head against the car seat in frustration. I might as well try to sleep then. It might make this eternity go by a little faster. I lay down on the seat next to me and Ana rolls up all the windows for silence. At least she 's trying to be helpful. I want to sleep so desperately but each time I close my eyes I see her. That woman I killed, her eyes look into mine and ask "Why?"

I remember when Ana tried to comfort me as the banging on my door came. The Regulators had found us. They pulled me out of Ana 's arms and that 's all I can remember. She must…

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