Analysis Of The Dove Men + Care Line

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The Dove Men + Care line, is an advertisement you don’t see very often. Well me at least. After much research, I know one thing, I love what has been done so far with this line. The Dove Men+ Care line is focusing in on the Men + Care side of the equation, and not so much on the Dove. Yes, past commercials will bring tears to your eyes, and those emotions may entice you to buy Dove, but I believe there needs to be more than the one liner at the end telling you what product is being advertised to the consumer. In the Dove campaign tailored to women, it talks all about how real beauty is natural and not what you see in the magazines. Beauty should mean confidence, and beauty isn’t one size fits all. These products tailors to women because it really entices women to buy the Dove products. As it said in the video only 2% of women think they are beautiful, and that’s a big target market to advertise too. So obviously, feeling beautiful is something all women are looking for and Dove does a great job on bringing real women with their own beautiful features, different from all the rest, and …show more content…
Men are not the ones going out to the grocery store every week to pick up there products for their hygiene needs. This is why I believe targeting to men as well as women is really important specifically for the Dove Men + Care line. What woman doesn’t want a man who cares for the kids, and loves time with the family? The previous ads do a wonderful job of promoting this. Having women a part of the target group is important. Women are the ones going to the store buying whatever their man needs, and if a women see these ads they will not only want Dove for themselves, but Dove Men + Care for their significant other. With the new advertisements we need to make the men feel like they are being taking care of by the products in ways that the women campaign does for the

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