Analysis Of The Documentary ' Sicko Michael Moore Shines Light On The Corruption Of The American Health Care System

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In the documentary, Sicko Michael Moore shines light on the corruption of the American health care system. The Gadfly Moore characterizes this system as morally corrupt and claims that it is unreasonable for one of the wealthiest countries in the world. He also advocates a switch to universal health care, as many other countries have done before. He drives his point throughout the film by using testimonies from victims of the system, those with and without insurance; he also includes insurance whistleblowers, as well as juxtaposing the American health care systems with other systems around the world arguing that their benefits are far better than ours.
Universal health care, the socialist system that the United States fears due to the communist connotations, is available in over 58 countries, including England, France and Canada. The governments for these countries pay the bills for all health care expenses, compared to the American health care system, a capitalist value system. The American health care system does not insure anyone unless they buy the insurance themselves that is provided by their employers if the company is large enough. This system leaves individuals to be uninsured if they are unemployed, the capitalist ideology that income and other expenses are the direct result of the value they created. A capitalistic health care system such as this leave many uninsured and left to die , as in America that has hove 45 million uninsured, and 20,000 of which will have…

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