The Cost Of Cancer Rhetorical Analysis

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My speech on The Cost of Cancer is an argument for why cancer medication prices need to be lowered, why they’re harmful to Americans, and why the pharmaceutical companies are at fault. I use several rhetorical devices that help aid to the strength of my argument; including, pathos, ethos, and logos. When these devices are used it addresses credibility, emotions, and logic. This enables the audience to understand and relate to my claim on a more personal level.
I establish credibility through ethos during several segments of my speech. I start by creating a poignant tone. I create this tone by beginning my iMovie with moving and distressing facts. This also supports the question of whether or not I did my homework. One way I convince my classmates
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I open my video with statistics about cancer, which provides the audience with specific information—proving that I have completed my homework and looked up logical facts. Not only do I provide statistics from well-known resources, ex: The American Cancer Society, but I also implement doctor’s expertise and case studies. I convince my audience with use of reason after describing the case study conducted by two oncologists—Leonard Saltz and Peter Bach—because the study shows us why the prices are in fact unnecessary, AND both experienced doctors vilify the high prices. Another tactic I use to convince my audience that my claim is logical is by incorporating surveys into my presentation. Towards the end of my speech I warn against the detrimental effects raising prices would have on the patients; however, I also use a survey to show that patients are already being effected by the high prices. The survey demonizes hefty cancer costs, stating that patients are skimping on medication; however, the survey was conducted four years ago—therefore, the audience is prompted to imagine how many patients delay their medications today. I reference several sources in this presentation. I used six sources to gain valuable knowledge about my topic—one source from my POV Essay 2 and five additional sources. The new sources I used made it very easy to incorporate reliable information into my iMovie because the sites were trustworthy and listed several statistics. The two interviews allowed me to add clips of the doctor’s discoveries. The use of logos helped me construct a logical argument and back up the overall claim of my final rhetoric

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