Analysis Of The Documentary ' My Colors Sure Are Hidden ! ' Hidden Colors

805 Words Sep 18th, 2016 4 Pages
My colors sure are hidden! Hidden colors is a documentary backing up the truth of our people of color around the world. The information is discussed through scholars, historians, and social commentators who know the amazing facts of our history. The facts given through this documentary had me questioning everything I have ever learned in a normal history class. For example I was taught “Christopher Columbus discovered America”. When America was already inhabited by Native Americans long before the Europeans arrival. The video made me question the textbooks teachers made me solely trust in school. However, after taking in all of the information it makes much more sense and everything is starting to add up. The documentary travels around the world giving explanations to why contributions of the African American race have been left out. “The deeper you dig, the darker it gets.” Watching Hidden Colors I learned a great deal of facts. Facts that were hidden from me growing up reading those textbooks in school. Hidden Colors made me want to learn more about Africa. Africa is so misconstrued in the media. Africa is shown in the media to be war torn, violent and full of jungles. The video taught me that Africa was home to six countries with the lowest crime rates, and that Europe and Asia have more jungle than Africa. This shows how the media affects my perception of the world. I have to learn everything I see on tv is not real and that I always can open up a book or do my own…

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