Rosewood Film Analysis

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Film Critique Assignment
In the film Rosewood, Fanny Taylor, a married white women falsely accused an African American man of abuse and rape which stirred a fury against African Americans. Fanny’s husband and a group of white men go to nearby towns to investigate and search for the African American male. The African Americans lived in a small town called rosewood, where everything was going well for them. They owned their own businesses and their homes. It was a land of opportunity for the african americans. Their small town quickly became a target by the white males. The white males raided the African American homes and disrupted their peace. They would call themselves the ‘KKK’ as they search for the african american male that was falsely accused of rape.
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One specific character named Mann who was deeply in love with a woman named Beulah and her children decided to stay and fight for their safety. As Mann and a group of other african americans heroically fight for their town and the safety of their loved ones eight people total died. Two white males, and six african american males. With the fear of being lynched or murdered the african americans fought long and hard for the freedom of their people. All this occurred from one woman who wanted to cover up her affair with an African American male. Based off a true story, The movie was a documented story about the history of the massacre that occurred in rosewood florida, January of 1923.
I chose the movie, Rosewood, for the film critique assignment because it displays racial inequality significantly. Racism is the belief that one racial category is inferior or superior to another race. The movie shows racial superiority of white. It shows how the power of one married white woman can start a riot between African Americans and whites. The turnout might have been completely different if the women accused a white

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