Essay on Analysis Of The Documentary Food Inc.

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Have you ever put thought into what is in our food and how it is grown or made? Not everyone does. For example, the documentary Food Inc. discussed how much of our processed food is made with corn, but the corn is hidden under names that we cannot pronounce. To people who are allergic to corn, that is a very big deal because they could gave a serious reaction or have a small ongoing allergic reaction that causes them to have a constant illness. The smallest thing, like having a hidden allergen in our food, can have the biggest impact on our health. Food Inc. was released in 2008. The film is based on the truths about where our food comes from, “lifting the veil” from the secrets of how our food is grown and raised, and what we should all know about it.
There are pros and cons about processed foods containing genetically modified organisms, which is an organism which has been genetically engineered. Also, there is a difference between grass fed vs grain fed cattle. Grass fed cattle are cattle that have only been fed grass and grain fed cattle are cattle that have only been fed grains. After explaining these pros and cons, this paper will then explain what you can do to help make a healthy change in your eating habits.
GMOs: Good or Bad? There are many pros and cons to having genetically modified organisms, more known as GMOs, in our food. From the documentary Food Inc. a pro about genetically modified organisms was that it could be used for making so many different foods,…

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