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When parents are divorced, most of the times, the child can choose whom he/she can live with. Jasira, the character of the book Towelhead, has divorced parents. At first, she lived with her mother in Syracuse, and then later, she is sent to live with her father in Houston, after her mother get jealous of her own daughter. Her life with her mother though is very different for Jasira than life with her father, but both of them have a different way to punish her, they didn’t help her when she got in her puberty, Daddy was really racist, but even with all these factors and Daddy being stupid with her the whole time, she’d rather live at Houston than Syracuse.
When Jasira lives with her mother, the way she punishes her was not hitting her. Jasira’s mother got mad, but she got rid of her own daughter, kind of sending the responsibility to Daddy. However, Daddy hits her several times. One reason for how he punishes is because he is from another country who has another culture. In Lebanon, a country in the Middle East, where there are several wars, people are not soft, and they can handle violence easier than Americans. After all, what is a punch in the arm, when there are guns war several times a year?
Jasira’s father is definitely a tough man to deal with. Jasira starts to date a black guy, who is called Thomas. He is from her school. Her mother doesn’t approve the relationship at first. He being black was an issue, but not the main one. The main reason was that Jasira is only 13,…

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