Analysis Of The Book ' The Glass Castle ' Essay

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In the memoir of Jeanette Walls’ “The Glass Castle”, there are many themes to explore. Jeanette tells the tales of growing up in continued poverty with dysfunctional parents who find pleasure moving frequently in the dead of night. The Walls family was extremely poor and often there was no food, electricity or indoor plumbing in the multitude of places that the children called home. Jeanette grew up as the second oldest daughter in a family of six. Her father, Rex Walls, was a glorified entrepreneur who was rather bright, but always seemed down on his luck with a bottle of booze in his hand. Jeanette’s mother, Rose Mary, had her teaching degree, but decided to live the wild and free life of an artist and didn’t succumb to redundant motherly duties or an eight to five work week. The Walls parents wanted to live a life full of adventure and excitement which meant that the Walls children were left to roam free unbound by rules and structure. The family “skedaddled” very frequently when debt collectors came looking for Rex which meant a lack of stability and chaos. Over the years, Jeanette and her siblings learned how to become self-reliant, value education, depend on one another for support, and have unconditional love for their parents. A main theme throughout this entire book is resiliency. Rex and Rose Mary Walls had a very relaxed attitude when it came to safety and age appropriate behavior for their children. Jeanette was expected from a childhood to be able to cook…

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