Analysis Of The Book ' The Boston Marathon ' Essay

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“It was a such pretty day that day, it was a really picture perfect sky, blue skies, the marathon feeling is that everybody is really upbeat and excited,” said Melinda Arredondo, when describing the 117th Boston Marathon on April 15th of 2013. Carlos and Melinda Arredondo stood at the finish line of the marathon with 400 small American flags to hand out to finished runners in honor of their two sons, Alex and Brian, who had passed away. Alex Arredondo was killed in a sniper attack in Iraq at 20 years old while serving for the United States in 2004 and just a few years later, Brian Arredondo, committed suicide from his struggle with grief. To Carlos and Melinda not only did these flags represented their national pride, but also the love and strength of their family, which they wanted to see spread all over the finish line of the Boston Marathon. But, just as Carlos stood fidgeting with his last flag, contemplating how to best honor his country and sons with this flag, he heard a thunderous boom, and the beaming spirits of Boston were instantaneously camouflaged with smoke. As the news of these bombs was being broadcasted all over news stations and social media, Americans immediately understood that this was some form of terrorism from people who wanted to harm the United States. The Boston Marathon takes place every year in April on Patriot’s Day, which marks the start of the Revolutionary War in 1775 and represents the independence of the U.S. The spirit and freedom of the…

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