Analysis Of 117th Boston Marathon Bombing

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117th Boston Marathon Bombing

By: Dylan Caparo HS 110 – Introduction to Homeland Security
Professor Phillips

November 29, 2017

117th Boston Marathon Bombing On the 15th of April in 2013 two bombs detonated near the finish line of the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. What followed was five-day manhunt for the two suspects identified by the FBI. The aftermath of this event left the citizens of the United States stunned and showed that homegrown terrorists are a real and emerging threat. In order to prevent another attack, we must take a look at the Threat ID associated with bombing in Boston. It is essential to look at the timeline of events, the suspects and their motives to understand why this attack
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These five sections were used to determine how the federal, state and local governments will better prevent and handle a future attack. To begin the preparedness was improvable by incorporating an integrated public safety plan for the day of the race and by improving security along the marathon course. In the initial response, the Boston emergency operations center was not open prior to the attack, no clear roles or responsibilities of emergency services, command centers, command posts, and operation centers did not communicate properly, lack of communication between hospital and emergency services, adequate relief of law enforcement, marathon barriers prevented emergency services from reaching wounded, and numerous more. In the ongoing response, clear in field chain of command, weapons discipline, staging of vehicles, lack of IED training, lack and bad radio use, confusing in shelter announcement, lack of joint information center and many more. In the apprehension………. Lastly in recovery better mental health services, difficult applying Stafford act policies, and better communication of federal funding. (p. 70).
On a local level, the City of Boston (2011), implemented training and programs such as: urban shield, mutual aid, operation falcon two, tactical rope awareness training, medical team training,
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The event was a national tragedy but an excellent learning opportunity. After reviewing the Threat ID we better understand when the attack took place and the events that transpired. By looking at the individuals that carried out the attack and their motives we better understand why people would conduct attacks like this in the continental United States. Which leads us on how to implement our solution ID. We can see different responses on the national, state and local level. The combined effort of the AAR shows the ability of teamwork and what it can accomplish. The house of representatives’ insight into the attack and how it hanged national policy along with the Boston’s own homeland security report where they discuss what they do to prepare for a terrorist attack on a daily basis. We can use this experience as a learning point in history to prevent something like this from happening again and to never forget the lives that were changed during the 117th running of the Boston

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