Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Luna ' By Julie Anne

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"Luna" by Julie Anne Peters novel about a transsexual teenager and the way he transition of her brother.The story very interesting and confusing about the way she told the story of her meant to be The stories that are woven together telling through flashbacks that help Regan remember that Luna always been her sister in a way only she notices. "It struck me like a hammer to the head. Well, duh, Regan. That 's exactly what he wanted. It 's what he 's always wanted. If Liam could wish for one thing in the world, one birthday present, he would ask to be born again. Born right, in the body of a girl" (Chapter 2, p. 14)The complicated character that played a role in the outcome of luna. Just like every family we do not see eye to an eye and that complicates how we act with them. Reading luna made me open my eyes to what family is all about even when the odd are against you. Luna was a complicated book because every family member played a role in Luna’s transition without really paying attention to what really matters. Regan was shy and really not sociable at school. She avoids another student in order to keep a secret about her Transgender brother. Regan supports her despite growing fears about his decision to fully transition into a female. The siblings relationship is bound by fear and cemented with love. There are numerous lovely moments where these two characters understand each other 's pain and hope in ways no other person could.Like my case I have a Younger…

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