Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Beaufort Inlet '

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Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina, May 7, 1923

Jake Parson’s mother called it the magic hour: the moment when a day passes into evening, when the earth feels suspended before darkness and slumber. In the gold and reddening light, an easy southwest breeze propelled Jake’s thirty-five-foot sailboat through the Beaufort Inlet for the first time. When a gull cried as it flew over his boat, Jake tracked it for a moment before it blended into the dusky sky. It was the first land animal he’d seen in days. As he navigated through the channel, the last low rays of the sun illuminated the white church steeple and the sails of a windmill on the horizon. The current strengthened when the waterway narrowed, and he used the steeple to site his course towards the town. Holding fast to the tiller, a tiny line of houses and stores came into view. After the Jamison rounded the west end of Carrot Island, the Beaufort Harbor opened to him, welcoming him like a safe embrace. Grimacing at the small town, Jake turned his gaze away from the row of stores made of brick, protected by strong roofs and painted trim. He was certain someone in the town watched his brother sail off into oblivion. If Beaufort had been an ugly, honky-tonk, backwater town with rusty tin sides and sagging roofs, he may have understood. But as he sailed by the quaint stores waiting for pleasant people to shop in them, he wondered why no one volunteered any information about Glenn when the Coast Guard made inquires. He…

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